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The Black Tai Salt Company was founded in 2005 by Entrepreneur Gerald Katen.  In under 10 years, The Black Tai Salt Company has become one of the USA's leading exotic product import companies. The Black Tai Salt Company offers products to promote the best of lifestyles through its many divisions. Black Tai Salt Co. only sells and promotes 100% Cruelty-Free Products and 100% Animal-Friendly Products. Recognized by organizations like PeTA, Black Tai Salt Co. has all creatures big and small in mind at all points of production.

The Black Tai Salt Company operates three major warehouses totaling over 370,000 square feet in North America. Black Tai ships from both the east and west coast to ensure on-time deliveries of your products. Black Tai’s extensive line of privately labeled goods and self-branded goods are sold by major retailers as well as gourmet and specialty stores worldwide. We work with you to assist in any way we can. We have been around for years as a manufacturer and distributor of over 99% of the products we sell.  



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