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Salt Room or Chambers

Build your own salt cave

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You've Made It!  You are on a path to a better you!

Imagine spending the day relaxing on a quiet and peaceful beach with the calm sea breeze blowing over your skin and the fresh salty sea air filling your lungs.

Salt therapy has been a staple in spas worldwide for years.  Spa experts have consulted countless specialists, including The Black Tai Salt Company, to help resorts find their voice when it comes to halotherapy, which is more loosely known simply as “salt therapy.” Local spas to the most luxurious hotels and resorts have been re-configuring their traditional spa facilities to offer their guests Black Tai Salt Co Himalayan Salt Therapy. 

However, you don’t have to find a beach or a resort spa in order to feel the fresh salt air cling to your skin to give you a healthier you. You can build your own Himalayan Salt Cave in your own home! Immerse your mind and body in total harmony within your own personal salt room. You don't need a lot of space - a small 4'x4' room will work too!

Discover total relaxation, a better mindset, and a physical state as you escape into your own Himalayan Salt Cave. The steps are easy, quick, and simple in building your own salt room.

Visit Build a Salt Cave to learn more about building your own salt cave.



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